Mission Statement

The Beagle Campaign is about the future of exploration and how the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) might best reach the goal of becoming the world leader of geographical discovery.

We care deeply about the Society, its values and its brand.

We would like to see the Society become an inclusive home for all those working to further geographical science and knowledge.

The vast wealth of discoveries yet to be made will, once explored, nurture a greater understanding of the planet and our interaction with it.

Through geographical endeavour, we will work together to enrich the lives of future generations.

About The Beagle Campaign

The Beagle Campaign was initiated to reactivate the society’s own research and re-establish the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) as the world leader of exploration endeavour: to advance geographical science on all fronts and to bring together the relevant scientific/exploration departments – under the society’s umbrella; it can also help solve climate change conundrums and other pressing issues related to human interaction with Earth. The RGS (with IBG) is in the unique position to achieve these goals, for we live in a new age of exploration as if everything the Society has achieved since its foundation has been training for this time.

In 2009, a Resolution was submitted to The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) to vote on the reactivation of the Society’s own sponsored inter-disciplinary research projects. The Resolution was not a choice between the Society’s own multi-disciplinary projects, or giving grants to support other people’s research. It asked that it do both simultaneously, as these projects should be able to sit harmoniously alongside the Society’s existing curriculum of activities without detracting from them. The document was signed by eighty of the most distinguished figures in exploration, science and literature. In a debate extensively covered in the press that captured the nation’s imagination, the number of the campaign’s supporters increased from 80 to 1,600 in just sixty days.

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